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We specialize in all things electrical, including breaker box installation, repair, upgrades, and replacement. Let us walk you through what a breaker box is, the services we offer, and how our expert team ensures your electrical needs are met with precision and safety.

What is a Breaker Box?

A breaker box, also known as an electrical panel or distribution board, is the heart of your home or business's electrical system. It is responsible for distributing electricity from the main power source to various circuits throughout your property. Inside the breaker box, there are circuit breakers or fuses that protect your electrical system from overloads and short circuits. It's a crucial component that ensures the safety and functionality of your electrical system.


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Breaker Box Services We Provide:


Whether you're constructing a new building or need to replace an outdated electrical panel, we provide top-notch breaker box installation services. Our skilled electricians will assess your electrical requirements and install a breaker box that meets local codes and safety standards.


If you're experiencing electrical issues like tripped breakers, flickering lights, or other problems, our team is ready to diagnose and repair your breaker box swiftly and effectively. We ensure that your electrical panel operates safely and efficiently.


As your electrical needs grow or if your existing breaker box is outdated, we can upgrade it to accommodate higher electrical demands. Our experts will assess your current setup and recommend an upgrade that suits your requirements.


In some cases, a breaker box may be beyond repair or not up to code. We offer breaker box replacement services, where we carefully remove the old panel and install a new one, ensuring your electrical system is up to date and safe.

Electrical Panel

An electrical panel, also known as a breaker box, is a central component of an electrical system in homes or commercial buildings. It serves as the hub for distributing electricity to various circuits within the structure, using circuit breakers or fuses to protect against overloads and short circuits. The panel plays a critical role in ensuring electrical safety and efficient energy distribution, making it a fundamental part of any electrical system.

200 Amp Panel: A 200 amp panel refers to an electrical panel designed to handle a maximum current capacity of 200 amperes. These panels are common in residential and light commercial applications. They provide ample electrical capacity to meet the demands of modern homes, accommodating multiple circuits and appliances without overloading the system.

200 Amp Breaker Box: A 200 amp breaker box, also known as a 200 amp electrical panel, is specifically designed to handle a maximum current capacity of 200 amperes. It consists of circuit breakers or fuses that protect circuits from electrical overloads. These breaker boxes are suitable for properties with higher electrical demands, ensuring safe and reliable power distribution.

Breaker Panel

A breaker panel, often used interchangeably with electrical panel or breaker box, is the enclosure that houses circuit breakers or fuses. It serves as the central point for controlling and distributing electrical power to different circuits throughout a building. Breaker panels are essential for managing electrical loads, protecting against electrical faults, and facilitating maintenance or repairs.

An Electrical Panel Box is the protective enclosure that houses the electrical panel or breaker box. It is typically made of metal and designed to contain the circuit breakers or fuses, providing a barrier between the electrical components and the surrounding environment. The panel box enhances safety by preventing unauthorized access and shielding against electrical hazards.

Electrical Panel Upgrades involve enhancing the capacity and functionality of an existing electrical panel to meet increased electrical demands. This may include replacing an outdated panel, increasing ampacity, or adding new circuits. Upgrades ensure that the electrical system remains safe and reliable, accommodating modern appliances and technology.

Electrical Panel Replacement entails removing an existing panel and installing a new one in its place. This is often necessary when the current panel is outdated, damaged, or no longer compliant with electrical codes. Replacement ensures a safer and more efficient electrical system, providing peace of mind and improved electrical performance for homeowners or building owners.

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